You’re popping in, not staying over

The new Cleveland Smart Sole 4

No more prolonged stays in the sand.

It’s frustrating seeing your tee or approach shot land in a bunker, but it’s even more frustrating being in that bunker for more than one shot.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Sand Wedge makes it as easy as possible to exit the bunker, first time around.

Getting out the sand is one thing, being accurate is another.
The Smart Sole 4 has you covered on both fronts.

Cleveland had 25 golfers each hit their own sand wedge and then the Smart Sole 4 from a greenside bunker. The results showed an average difference of 15 square feet closer to the hole with the Smart Sole 4.

Out the sand in one
As well as forgiving weighting, the Smart Sole 4 Sand Wedge has the widest sole in the range, for extra assistance in getting the clubhead through the sand with speed.

Play smarter

A better short game will transform your golfing experience and your scorecard. The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 could be your smartest scoring decision this year.