You don’t need to swing faster to go further.
The new Q-STAR TOUR golf ball.

The new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR golf ball

It has all the technology found in the premium Z-STAR range, but at a much lower compression. That’s good news for less aggressive swing speeds. And it’s lower price is also good news for your wallet.

Tour-level performance for regular swing speeds
Lower compression golf balls compress more readily at impact to generate ball speed more easily. That makes them perfect for golfers with less aggressive swing speeds who want added distance off the tee and softer feel into the greens. Are you playing the right compression for your swing?

72 compression

90 compression

102 compression

The FastLayer Core is the largest in its class and is soft at the center, getting progressively harder in the outer layers. It’s the same core technology you’ll find in the Z-STAR, but because of its lower compression, it goes the distance off the tee, even when you aren’t swinging at 90+ mph.

“The average amateur golfer hits about 14 driver shots, 40 iron shots and 35 putts per round. The clubs for each of these phases is different, but the ball is always the same. Are you playing the right one for you?”

This skin grabs your grooves
The SpinSkin urethane cover is coated in something called SeRM (Slide Ring Material). What it does is make the ball much more grippy and durable. And there’s nothing
gimmicky about it. Stats prove it spins more than the Q-STAR TOUR’s major competitors.

Because aerodynamics matter
Generating ball speed is important, but it’s not the only thing affecting distance. Less drag immediately after launch and more glide after the apex of ball flight means longer ball flight. The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern on the new Q-STAR TOUR does just that.

Making it easier to take aim
The bold black stripe over the name is a nice touch that makes putter alignment a bit easier.

Your most important playing partner

Your golf ball is with you on every single shot. Make sure it’s the best one for you.